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    ‘TB3LP’ is a compilation of tracks from our previous albums, EP’s and 7”s that have until now all sold out. This is for all those people that would come up to us at shows and ask us to burn copies of various things for them. So here it is. Enjoy.




released November 15, 2011



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Babies Three UK

Babies Three were a band, who call the dilapidated seaside town of Margate, England their home. The band split up. Then they got back together. As of 2013 the Babies Three are split for a final time. Babies Three will be releasing their new album exclusively on bandcamp for free or pay what you like as of Saturday 2nd February 2013. ... more

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Track Name: Wimpfest
Stop playing that same damn song
The one that goes on way too long
Everything sounds so outdated
You know I hope that we get slated
At least I wont get caught conforming
So take this as a formal warning
If no one treads where no one treads
I do declare this scene is fucking dead

Reject to protect your part in the jet-set
Expect a complication
Sterility from stagnation

Treading water, drowning
No quality control
Theory of evolution
File this under retaliation

Wont die from benevolence
I'm buried under common sense
If there is one way to break a heart
Then we'll stagnate when parting starts
Institutionalise the institution
Revolutionise the revolution
Omnipresence cast in boredom
Posted on the fracture forum
Track Name: Guilt Free Youth
On the day that child was born I bought a newspaper to celebrate the very fact she'd been delivered from the womb to this world

I swear I'm so sick of this
There's one truth - We're fucked

Newborn death lay in the street but people shy and turn their heads away, from the cut of the business suit lies the blood of the human fucking race.
Track Name: Cartoon Boyfriend
If you are dying then you've got cancer of the mouth
That's where the shit pours out
You want to kill me?
You'd better stab me through the heart now that my back is all healed up
Everytime you call and hang up I know that it's you there and I'm not scared
You tell my friends you fuck her still
Well I assure you I do too so how's that feel?

Hope it hurts
Hope it burns
You left me scared

What is it that she tells you that she doesn't tell me that makes you stay?
Is it any wonder with what you put her under that she turned to me?
What is it that she tells you that she hasn't sold out to me?
Cartoon boyfriend when you gonna rub yourself out?

Hope it hurts
Hope it burns
You left me scarred

This is how my world has turned on me
I wont play with games I can not win
She's so over
Track Name: I Think The Answer's Yes
words by Paul Heaton
Track Name: Attack Of The Clones
I don't smoke and I don't drink
But I don't want to be part of your club
And label myself a hardcore thug
If I don't eat meat and I don't fuck around
Do I have to align myself to rules?
I'm out of step with my world

Beatdown - I'm a punk not a thug
Turned around - Now choice is a target
My God

I don't do drugs but I wont be a judge
I'd rather hang out with the living dead
Than have an X tattood in my head
I can think for myself and for nobody else
I wont be aligned with being cool
If being cool means following the rules.
Track Name: The Heresy
No more answers from the state from this time forth I have taken back my life.

It is over

If renegades we have been made then what remains burns in flames.
Rebuilding from broken and bleeding hands we make empires for ourselves
To fall from grace is heresy
If it is what it takes then I am a heretic

I wont be raped.